Author: David Stockdale

Width, Smallest Width and Height

Did you know you can check the smallest width of whatever virtual device your using with this code?

Configuration config = getResources().getConfiguration();

Because i sure as heck didn’t.

Also you can get the current width and height with this:

DisplayMetrics displayMetrics = this.getResources().getDisplayMetrics();
            float dpHeight = displayMetrics.heightPixels / displayMetrics.density;
            float dpWidth = displayMetrics.widthPixels / displayMetrics.density;

Be careful though as this apparently changes depending on if the device is in portrait or landscape mode.

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App Combat Screen

As a quick test of this new blog here’s a preview of my app. I’m not quite happy with the text/button colours and I’m still working on getting the layouts working on a variety of different screen sizes (smallest width layouts and other such solutions are a pain to figure out).

I’m also planning to commission a small pixel artist to draw me a custom sprite for the main character but all in all I’m quite happy with the way it looks now.

Combat Screen (main character sprite and text colour not final).
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