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I am currently working on a game that combines tile-based turn-based combat with a text-based choose-your-own-adventure style story.

The I will be documenting the process of creating it on my blog along with my work experience whenever I find a solution to a problem that I find to be interesting.

If It Breathes It Dies

The game (currently titled “If It Breathes It Dies”) was inspired by my fascination with chemical weapons and my disappointment with their representation in games.

Usually they are rarely lethal and are always less effective then a simple gun or knife.

This lead to the idea of creating a game in which every enemy is entirely immune to blades, guns and conventional explosives…

But they still breath (hence the title).

My game is intended to be a combination of a text-based choose your own adventure game with turn-based tile-based combat.

The Combat Screen (still a work in progress).

My goal is to make a game where the player enters into a monster infested town on a mission to gas the entire area by gaining control of a chemical plant.

The player must make choices on which routes to take, which fights to avoid and how they deal with various obsticles while encountering combat scenarios based on their choices.

With chemical weapons being the only option the player must think strategically, laying down gas clouds and pools of acid while attempting to draw enemies into danger.

This page will eventually provide links to download this game.

If all goes to plan it will be available for free on the app store as a test of audience reception for any future projects.

But, until then, stay tuned!

The Journey So Far

Are you interested in the development process?

This section contains a compilation of posts documenting various points in the creation process.

I’m mostly posting this so I’ll have access to all this work anywhere I go.

But maybe this will be of use to someone in the future.

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