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New Menu Art

So about two months ago I got in contact with an artist I had heard about while volunteering.

I commissioned that artist (Rebecca Bennett) to bring to life a mock-up I had been using as the background of my games main menu.

Before & After

My old placeholder.
The new menu.

The Process

It was interesting going through the process of commissioning art.

I had prepared very precise notes on what I wanted long ago with various example images that came in handy.

I have a bad habit of going down research rabbit holes so I ended up creating what was basically a shopping list for equipment required to refill tanks with air.

I saw this as important as I needed a lore justification for how the main character never ran out of air and a default weapon.

This lead me to settle on nitrogen gas (the blue device being a nitrogen generator) as it is in the air but a high enough concentration of it will leave animals unable to breath).

All three of these lore-important devices are now visible in the main menu.

All in all for price of £90 (£45 up front and £45 on completion) I feel like I got a very good deal.

TLDR: Rebecca Bennett, would recommend!

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