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After spending 5 years jobseeking (give or take a few trying and failing to get a masters) I decided to take a hail mary shot at getting some job experience by volunteering at a local arts charity.

This charity wanted me to work on their WordPress website (something I had no experience with) and encouraged me to make my own website to catalogue my work as proof of my experience.

This is the result: David Stockdale’s Scrapcode.

You may wonder what ‘scrapcode’ means (unless your one of the many people who discover my site because it’s one of the few sites that turn up when you search the term).

Scrapcode is a concept from the fictional universe of Warhammer 40k and it describes computer code that is so corrupted by warp/daemonic energies that it is itself a pseudo daemon.

This warp-infected computer virus is capable of infecting everything from machines to cyborgs and constantly re-writes itself to spread as far as possible.

I feel this is a good description of my work in programming.


This site has been commented on by people (read: spam bots) all over the world.

Heres a list of exactly how many comments I’ve got from each country:

Portugal = 1, Hong Kong = 1, Canada = 3, United States = 5, Russia = 1, Cambodia = 1, Netherlands = 2, Israel = 2, Germany = 2, United Kingdom = 2, Ukraine = 5

If the cron job I set up is working correctly it should automatically update daily.

Although obviously if your listening to the audio version of this it will not be updated daily.

An explanation of the code used to automatically generate this info can be found here.


This site is created using my own custom child theme (which I may eventually get around to publishing here) of the Understrap Theme.

I initially used my own custom child theme of the Beans Theme but moved to using this as I begin creating a unified theme across the various commissioned sites I made for Tees Valley Arts.

As I add new functions and shortcode to this site and others I usually get around to posting an explination under “Theme Editing” so if anything interests you have a look through there.

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