About Me

A gif of me made using Streamlabs OBS.

David Stockdale (Linkedin)

Mobile Developer, Web Developer and General Programming Enthusiast.

Employment Status: Unemployed.

Based in Middlesbrough and looking for work in IT, I’ll take anything that pays around 18k or more.

Currently volunteering at Tees Valley Arts updating, upgrading and maintaining their website.

Recently began creating additional websites for their clients in hopes of creating enough revenue to hire me full time.

Apparently if I create 10 sites the revenue made from flywheel hosting them will be enough to employ me.

Websites I’ve Worked On

My tech priest cosplay.


Sites either created from scratch or ported to Flywheel.

Using My Understrap Theme

Sites I Simply Maintain

Sites I Used To Maintain

  • Kindred Guisborough (https://www.kindredguisborough.com/)

My cosplay of Xellos from Slayers.

Works In Progress

Client Sites To Be Replaced

These I had no part in creating initially but I’m working on porting over to Flywheel.

  • N/A

As these sites are ported over to Flywheel you may begin to see some similarities between them.

This is due to them all using my custom Understrap Child Theme.

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