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My Game: The Premise & Enemies

The initial motivation for creating this game was my feeling that chemical weapons don’t really get used to their full potential in most video games (with gas grenades doing a small amount of damage over time and being rendered completely ineffective by a simple gas mask).

Of course creating a game focused entirely around chemical weapons required me to come up with a scenario in which guns and explosives where rendered completely ineffective.

The Premise

An asteroid has struck down in the small English town of Centrebrough and was quickly revealed to be filled with creatures from another world.

These aliens while no more intelligent that the average beast have evolved to be nigh immune to the effects of heat or kinetic force (thus explaining their ability to survive whatever event launched them into space in an asteroid and then reentry into Earth’s atmosphere).

This has left the military unable to fight the aliens using conventional weapons.

However it turns out that the asteroid contained an atmosphere similar to that of earth and that these creatures require such an atmosphere to survive.

This leads to the army contracting a team of mercenaries with a simple goal: reach the chemical plant at the centre of the town and use it to flood the streets with nitrogen gas and choke the aliens to death.

At the head of this team is you: a chemical weapons expert with a very simple motto.

“If It Breathes, It Dies”.


From the beginning I had a basic idea of the types of enemies that I wanted to have in my game.

These are a few of the enemies I have managed to find art assets for so far.

Monster 1: Doggo

A dog-like creature with leathery skin, faster/longer movement than player, can tear hazmat suit due to claws/fangs.

Monster 2: Buggo

A flying insect with a poison stinger, does low damage on hit but does most of the players health in damage over time before the poison runs out.

Monster 3: Treeman

Some sort of plant based creature that doesn’t breath oxygen (I’m considering having it breath nitrogen thus leaving it immune the nitrogen grenades which will be the players default attack).

It constantly emits a cloud of parasitic spores (after battle is won player can harvest these spores for later use).

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