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App Progress (Pathing Ahoy!)

Despite starting off this blog with a post about my mobile game I haven’t really posted much about it.

Thus I decided to make a quick update on my progress.

So far I have got map storage, player movement, basic story storage, background music and stepping sound effects.

Progress has been slow due to a combination of volunteering, additional personal projects and of course the Rona’.

I made a quick video showing the app functioning.

Main menu background and player sprite are of course just placeholders, although the main theme has already been chosen and paid for.

Now comes the hard part, programming the enemies, which means one thing:

Pathfinding algorithms.

I haven’t done pathing since early university, so I’ll have to brush up on it before I can make further significant progress.

I’ll probably be using an A* algorithm to decide the monsters movements.

Just need to schedule enough time to tinker with it.

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