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David Scroller Plugin

The final stage in making it as easy as possible to display a number contained by a cell within a Google Spreadsheet as a scrolling number: making a plugin.

This is only Version 1.0.0 of the plugin and it is definitely not documented properly (I used both WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate as a starting point and it includes NumScroller as part of the plugin so I need to find the correct way to comment/document/credit these to meet industry standards) but it works!

All you need to do is update your API Keys and Spreadsheet IDs:

 * Stores/updates the array of Api Keys within the options database table.
update_option( 'api_key_array', array(1 => "XXX_XXX"), true );
 * Stores/updates the array of SpreadSheet IDs within the options database table.
update_option( 'spreadsheet_id_array', array(1 => "XXX-XXX-XXX",
											 2 =>"XXX-XXX"), true );

Plop down some shortcode:

[david_scroller location="'Summary Page'!L6" api_key=1 spreadsheet_id=2 delay=1 increment=100]

And Voila:


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