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How to moderate miraheze

If you are new to Miraheze you may not know how to moderate your new wiki.

First you will want to familiarise yourself with the “Special” pages for admins:


There are however a lot of them so here I’m going to go through the most important pages here.

Creating a new user

The “CreateAccount” page is relatively easy to find but is still important enough to mention:


This can be useful for giving other members of an organisation accounts without requiring them to register themselves.

Making another user an admin

In order to make another user an admin you will find that option in the “UserRights” page:


Where you can search for a user by their username and then add “administrator” to their groups.

Email a user

A less known (but extremely useful) page is the “EmailUser” page:


This can be very handy if you need to quickly get in contact with a user to ask them what they are up to on your wiki.

Reset a users password

Another easy to find (but important to know about) is the “PasswordReset” page:


This is one of those pages you will likely be using a lot if your an administrator.

Delete a users contributions

If you want to delete all of a users contributions (or just a certain number of their recent ones) you will need the “Nuke” page.


This will allow you to mass delete any pages recently added by a specific user.

This can be used with the “Contributions” page to find any contributions that don’t involve creating entire new pages.


This can be helpful for getting the specific number of recent contributions which you can then undo.

And if you want to double check you haven’t deleted something you meant to keep there is the “DeletedContributions” page.


Which does exactly what you’d expect.

Block a user

Next if you want to block a user entirely you can use the “Block” page:


Which has a variety of options that can be used to ensure a user never comes back even if they use a new IP address.

View users

Another easy to find (but important to know about) is the “ListUsers” page:


This is separate from the “ActiveUsers” page which can also be useful by the way.

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  1. Hi. Thanks fopr your job. I’m a teacher. I’d like user need register mediawiki by email. May you help me to set ‘EmailConfirmToEdit’? thanks

  2. Hi David. Here i am again. Permit me another question. I succeded in setting email field as needed in registration process. May i restrict user to register to my wiki using a defined domain email (i.e. @itsos-mariecurie.it)? Thanks for yor help

  3. Hi. I’d like to permit registering to wiki only to my students. Is it possible? They all have school email address. The same domain (itsos-mariecurie.it) for every students. May you help me ? Thanks

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