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How To Make Miraheze Require Email Confirm To Edit

Recently a commentor asked how to make Miraheze users need to register an email account before they can edit any pages on the wiki.

I didn’t even know they provided that option so I was rather excited to figure out how to do it myself.

Thankfully they also knew enough to give me a clue on what setting they wanted changed: “EmailConfirmToEdit”.

This can be found under this section of your wiki:


Or via the menu on the left side of your wiki:

Then simply enable the option “Email Confirm To Edit ($wgEmailConfirmToEdit)” then add some reason for the change and save it.

Hope this helps and thanks for the comment Daniele.

3 thoughts on “How To Make Miraheze Require Email Confirm To Edit

  1. David, let me ask you something more. Is it possible to restrict registering the wiki to users being part of my school? I mean, all users who register to my wiki, must have the domain email ‘itsos-mariecurie.it’? Thank for help

    1. After lots of searching this doesn’t seem to be a function ever even considered by Miraheze.
      The closest thing I found was a similar question about MediaWiki (which Miraheze uses a version of) that requires quite a bit of code that is likely out of date:
      Other than that the focus seems to be on blocking specific users and IP addresses.

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