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White Spaces Lingering When Quickly Scrolling

This is an unusual problem I have noticed with my site when I scroll up and down quickly on a long page.

I don’t know if this is just caused by loading a long page full of images, excerpts and code blocks (which are themselves scroll-able).

Bit of a difficult thing to figure out when there are so many possible causes…

It only seems to happen when I scroll quickly/violently so I’d assume it was a loading issue.

But then the white spaces don’t linger on Edge so it might be a Chrome issue.

But then why doesn’t it happen on mobile?

I’ll probably post a question on a forum somewhere and put the solution here if I can find one.


Turns out the problem was rather simple, the html was white while the body was black.

Whenever the body failed to load quickly enough the white html background was revealed.

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