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Removing “Menu” From Burger Menu

After implementing a “Burger” menu you may notice that the word “Menu” is shown besides the ≡ symbol when viewed in mobile.

This can be removed from the Beans theme using this code:

 * Getting rid of arrow on dropdown menu when viewed on mobile.
beans_remove_action( 'beans_primary_menu_offcanvas_button' );
add_action( 'beans_primary_menu_append_markup', 'myfunction' );
function myfunction() {
?><a href="#offcanvas_menu" class="uk-button uk-hidden-large your-class-name" data-uk-offcanvas="" data-markup-id="beans_primary_menu_offcanvas_button"><i class="uk-icon-navicon uk-margin-small-right" data-markup-id="beans_primary_menu_offcanvas_button_icon"></i><!-- open output: beans_offcanvas_menu_button --><!--where "Menu" was --!><!-- close output: beans_offcanvas_menu_button --></a>
<?php }

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