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How To Import WooCommerce Products

Sample Products

First of all let’s start with what your probably looking for: an example of a product CSV file.

This can be rather difficult to find when you search for it, it can be found on GitHub here.

Now let’s get into how you import products into WooCommerce on WordPress!

Importing Your CSV

If your completely new to this simply open that in your preferred spreadsheet editor (probably excel).

And simply edit replace the data within with your own products (remember that the 1’s and 0’s are True and False in Boolean).

Next simply go to Products in WordPress.

And select “Start Import”.

Next select “Choose file”.

And after selecting the (now edited) sample_products.csv file you should get this mapping step:

This shouldn’t need to be changed unless you have added any new fields, but notice how some fields are set as “Do not import” and you may want to change that if you feel like it!

Once you’ve checked through everything simple click “Run the importer”.

And wait for it to finish importing.

Make sure that the number of products imported is right.

And when you go view products you should find everything imported.

And that’s how you do it!

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